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  • 2016/01/19
    Oilfield equipment manufacturers in China are a worried lot these days. They fear the continuing fall in crude oil prices, which started last year, may make things even more difficult this year. "The crude price plunge in 2015 has affected the oilfield services sector. Another tough year looms as th...
  • 2014/10/28
    Many of China's leading defense companies are to be merged with commercial enterprises, as Peng Yining reports.China is planning to accelerate the integration of State-owned defense contractors and private companies to boost the economy and strengthen the national defense system.The program aims to ...
  • 2014/08/11
    Boom in real estate sector and government's policy to promote electric appliances in rural area has led to a rapid surge in sales of home appliances in China in the past decade.Home appliance makers in China have also gradually transformed from simple original equipment manufacturers into well-recog...
  • 2014/06/20
    Robotics companies are expected to triple sales in China to around 110,000 sets by 2020 as more Chinese manufacturers embrace the high-end growth path, a senior industry official said on June 17. Wang Ruixiang, head of the China Machinery Industry Federation, said based on the rapid growth of the na...
  • 2013/10/11
    "In a hidden part of the forest, there's an ancient tribe called the Mumu. Among them stands a huge, ancient tree inside which lives another tribe - of mysterious small bugs."Last year at the world's entertainment content market MIPCOM in Cannes, The Mumu Tribe, a stop-motion puppet animation team f...
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